Small Groups

It is our prayer and plan that every member of St. Peter’s belongs to an appropriate small group.

There are over 20 Small Groups that meet fortnightly either on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening. For some of our fellowship, the appropriate small group for them is an affiliate group.  Christianity Explored is for those investigating the faith for the first time or to brush up on the basics. Discipleship Explored is for new believers or those wanting a refresher on living as a Christian. The ‘Belonging’ group helps those newer to the fellowship find a home more quickly and is hosted and led by our Vicar.  ‘Tuesday @ 2’ is more convenient to those who do not wish to be out in the evening. ‘CAMEO’ is for women on a Tuesday morning where there is a crèche provided.


The DNA of Small Groups at St Peters

All living things have a special something at their core (DNA), which contains the blueprint of its structure and purpose and ensures that information is successfully reproduced as it grows. At St. Peter’s we believe God has given us the DNA of our mission statement of reaching the lost, tending the flock, teaching disciples and sending out workers to be the ‘gene’ at the centre of our group life together.


Groups have the value of an open or empty chair. That means that a group is not closed to new people being a part of it, but rather is actively welcoming individuals from within the congregation and more importantly, from the locality in which the group is based.


Groups are a place to know and be known, to love and be loved, to celebrate and be celebrated, to serve and be served. Each group has its own Pastoral Care Coordinator to help mobilise the group to meet some of the spiritual, practical or emotional needs of its members and those from St. Peter’s living in that area.


We want our groups to help all of us to grow spiritually and become more like the Lord Jesus Christ. The aim is not to know 10 times more about the Bible without in the process becoming 10 times more loving. The small group is ideally placed to help one another apply God’s word to our daily lives as be become doers of the word and not just hearers.


Groups have opportunities to serve together, but don’t get too cosy in your group as healthy groups will apprentice and grow leaders who will reproduce and plant a new group, with exactly the same DNA ingredients.


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