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There has been a tradition for many years that church buildings fly an appropriate flag on special occasions, indeed the 'Flag Institute' and the 'Church of England' encourage churches with a flagpole to 'fly the flag!'

As part of our local community, St. Peter's tries to acknowledge certain Christian Festivals and certain National and Local events by flying an appropriate flag; a table of relevant dates is reproduced below for information and interest. 

We are members of the Lord's family, so we want to 'fly the flag' for Jesus:
'....and His banner over me is love.'         (Song of Solomon 2:4).

There are three main flags:-

The Union Flag
 The Union Flag (informally The Union Jack) - for National events.


Cross of St George

The Cross of St. George - for English events.


Chelmsford Diocesan FlagThe Diocesan Flag (Church of England flag for the Diocese (District) of Chelmsford which St. Peter's belongs to) -

for Christian festivals and certain church events etc.



  Chelmsford Diocesan Flag

‘Fly the Flag’ Days at St. Peter’s


6th February
Her Majesty the Queen’s Accession (1952)
Union Flag
2nd Monday in March
Commonwealth Day
Union Flag
Easter Day & following
7 days
Diocesan Flag
21st April
Birthday of
HM The Queen
Union Flag
23rd April
St. George’s Day
Cross of St. George
40th day from Easter Sunday
Ascension Day
Diocesan Flag
50th day from Easter Sunday
Diocesan Flag
Sunday after Penecost
Trinity Sunday
Diocesan Flag
(as appointed)
HM The Queen’s
 Official Birthday
Union Flag
10th June
Birthday of
 HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
Union Flag
21st June Birthday of
HRH The Duke of Cambridge
Union Flag
St. Peter’s Weekend
(Patronal Festival)
Diocesan Flag
29th June
St. Peter’s Day
Diocesan Flag
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Armed Forces Day
A celebration of the contributions, both past and present, of those who have served in the British Armed Forces
Union Flag
1st November
All Saints Day
Diocesan Flag
2nd Sunday in November
Remembrance Sunday
Union Flag
11th November
(Armistice Day)
Union Flag
14th November
Birthday of
 HRH The Prince of Wales
Union Flag
Sunday nearest 30th November
Advent Sunday
Incl. anniversary of the  VISION 21 building project completion
Diocesan Flag
25th December
Christmas Day until Epiphany
Diocesan Flag


Additional Days
As required
As appropriate



Julian Harris, Flag Manager, 20/06/2014