The Coney Family

Stephen and Deb Coney, with Josiah, Jonathan and Michael
Stephen and Deb both trusted Christ as young children and were raised in Christian homes, Stephen in the US and Deb in Harold Wood, Essex.
Stephen’s journey began as a child, talking with visiting missionaries to his home.  As he grew older he began to share their passion for the lost overseas and at 15 committed to this life goal.
Attending a secular university in post-Christian Europe was a defining experience in Deb’s spiritual life. 
In 1996 Stephen and Deb married and began preparing to go overseas.  They moved to Croatia in January 2005 and have been involved in teaching, discipling, supporting small churches, evangelism and children’s ministry. For the past academic year, and until June 2017, they have been based in the U.S.A. where Steve in studying for a doctorate in ministry. Both Steve and Deb are involved in teaching and promoting G.E.M.
Their vision is to see God’s people equipped to lead and build the church in Croatia and beyond. 
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