Our Team

There's a lot that goes on at St Peter's.

It’s made possible by the cheerful service of lots of people from our church family. We also have a staff team who lead and oversee many of our activities day-to-day. Here’s a bit about who they are.

Rob Hudson


Rob learned about Jesus as a child, and grew to love him as a student. Rob is a country boy at heart, having been raised in rural Berkshire and lived in leafy Devon, and he normally gets lost on the Tube. His favourite sports are football and table tennis (it is a sport, honest!). He is husband to Hepsie and father to Mireya, Joel and Dottie.

Andrew Bellis

Associate Minister for Evangelism

Andrew grew up in Newcastle – though you’re unlikely to spot that from his accent! Andrew is really grateful that he grew up going to church and hearing about Jesus, but it wasn’t until he was a student that he really grasped that being a Christian isn’t about being good, but being forgiven. That changed everything! Before training to be a minister, he lived and worked in nearby Harold Hill. Andrew is married to Emily and they have two children, Samuel and Lucy.

John Baker

Associate Minister for Youth and Families

John grew up in East London and was a primary school teacher in Hackney for a few years. Before taking up the role at St Peter’s he and his wife Alma, with daughter Anya and son Micah, had been working overseas with Africa Inland Mission. John likes reading history, and it was being convinced that the resurrection of Jesus was an historical event which convicted him of the truth of the Christian Faith. He also likes playing football, listening to liquid drum and bass music, and losing to his wife at games.

Hayley Read

Youth and Families Worker

Hayley grew up in Harold Wood, and was introduced to St Peter’s Church as a child through a school friend. Hayley was part of the youth programme here and became a Christian during her teenage years as a Pathfinder. Hayley is married to Steve and they have four children: Ricci-Dean, Brendan, Samuel and Evelyn. Hayley enjoys country walks, open fires and having a good chat over a coffee.

Fi Bennett

Women's Worker

Fi hails from the Brecon Beacons – not that you’d know she grew up in Wales from speaking to her! She came to know Jesus through her local church and summer camps in west Wales. Having brought her east to live in Harold Wood in 2006, the Lord has continued to give her a passion for sharing the good news of Jesus with all women. When enjoying some time off, Fi often takes herself off to the cinema or the West End.

Emily Agnew

Church Centre Manager

Emily worked as a theatre director for several years, running an independent production company, before (to her surprise!) taking on her current role at St Peter’s. She became a Christian at university and is still amazed that Jesus would save someone like her. Emily loves going to the theatre any time she can. She also enjoys watching films and reading, mostly historical fiction. There is always a pile of books on her floor waiting to be read and a pile of DVDs on her shelves waiting to be watched.

Elaine Owsley

Church Administrator

Elaine lives with her husband Meyrick and two sons Nathan and Jacob. In 2009, during a rough patch in life, a friend invited her along to church. After hearing the amazing news of grace and salvation, she became a Christian. Being a mum of school-age boys, she doesn’t have much spare time, but Elaine helps out at the local Beaver Scout group. Her likes are walking, reading, jigsaws, knitting and eating!  Her dislikes are cats, frogs and marmalade. Her life’s ambition is to learn to play the piano.

Petrina Richardson

Youth and families worker

Petrina grew up in Leyton learning about Jesus at home and at a local church. In 2009, her family made the big move to Essex and became members of St Peter’s . Petrina has had a range ofjobs from bar work to care work. However, after realising her passion of working with young people in ministry she decided to step into the 9:38 ministry trainee role in Easter 2022. Petrina enjoys musical theatre and taking regular trips to the cinema. She also still does some acting work occasionally and hopes some day to get some experience working for a Christian theatre company.

Chris Knowles

Leader of Ministry Amongst Older People

Chris is married to Eileen with five children and six grandchildren. They have lived in Harold Wood and belonged to the St Peter’s Church family for nearly 50 years! He preaches at St Peter’s, and gets invited to share the Good News of Jesus in other church fellowships in Havering and beyond.

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