Feedback and complaints


We want to respond well to feedback and constructive criticism. It is encouraging for members of staff to receive thanks or acknowledgement where things have gone well. It is equally important for those in leadership to receive helpful and constructive criticism.

  • The best person to speak to is usually the staff member involved in running a particular event or ministry. If you don’t know who that is, you can contact the church office and they can put you in touch.


We recognise that St Peter’s is not a perfect church. That means, sadly, sometimes things go wrong.

  • It’s usually best to speak to the person concerned directly to see if the complaint can be resolved that way, or to speak to the leader of their team or their line manager.
  • If raising a complaint informally is not appropriate, or if it does not resolve the concern, you can make a formal complaint. Our complaints policy sets out a procedure for raising a formal complaint against St Peter’s, its activities or members of staff and it outlines the process that will be followed to achieve a resolution of the problem.


If your concern involves a Safeguarding concern, please speak to our Safeguarding Officer.